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78 Festivals now on RenFest.org

Since we launched a few months ago, we’ve been focused on finding artisans’ and entertainers’ websites and social media to help improve findability. We’ve done that by going through some of the largest festivals in the country. By doing so, we’ve only had a small amount of festival information in our directory.

After reaching 1,000 listings of artisans and entertainers, and with an increasing use of our site, we’ve spent some time improving our listing of faires and festivals. We now have 78 Renaissance Festivals from around the country on our site! Throughout 2021, we plan on continuing to go through these other festivals, discover new artisans and entertainers, and keep growing all of the information in the directory.

We at Renfest.org love all the festivals – whether it’s a one-day event, a one-month adventure, or 8+ weeks of extravaganza!