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Find your favorite festival, or discover new faires! We have basic info on each festival, and want to encourage you to go to their sites to explore more. We also link to the artisans and entertainers in our directory that attend those festivals.

Adding more festivals, artisans, and entertainers is a primary goal for us at renfest.org. We’re working to add artisans and entertainers by festival depending on the time of year the festival normally runs and general attendance. If your favorite faire isn’t here, drop us a note and we’ll try to get to it sooner than later. Thank you!

Map of Renaissance Festivals

Avalon Faire

Avalon Faire Logo

The Avalon Faire is found in Kilgore, TX, and usually runs from March to April for 4 weeks.

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Where is it? Kilgore, TX
When did it start?
When does it run? April 6, 2024
For how long? 4 weeks