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Bay Area Renaissance Festival


Queen Katherine Parr and her royal court invite one and all to her 16th Century European village featuring 12 stages of exciting entertainment. Over 80 artisans fill the Festival marketplace to display and sell their handcrafted wares for a truly unique shopping experience. Patrons can interact with hundreds of memorable characters roaming the village streets as well as view live armored jousting throughout the day. Come celebrate our newest season by visiting the Festival grounds in Tampa, FL. Huzzah!

Fast Facts

Where is it? 11315 N 46th St., Tampa, FL

When did it start? 1979

When does it run? February 19, 2023 to April 3, 2023

Artisans & Entertainers (109)

Boom Boom Shake

Categories: Entertainers, Music

Blending traditional Middle Eastern music and dance with a modern vibe, Boom Boom Shake (BBS) brings you a show that is vivid and engaging. Enjoy every moment, as these bold characters take your spirit and imagination on an incredible journey...


Categories: Entertainers, Music

An cornucopia of traditional music from the British Isles, original songs from "around the world" and whatever 70's tunes Gary wants to play.

Coal Black Rose

Categories: Entertainers, Music

Embracing the spirit of the Traveler; Coal Black Rose performs unique versions of a Olde World musics (13th Century Cantigas, Classical instrumental classics, Olde Timey Folk, Seafaring Shanti and Work Songs). Using a variety of instruments of various folk origins,...