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We are a family-owned company, with an immense passion for pipes surpassed only by our customer's enthusiasm and zeal for pipes! Our number one priority is to make their pipe dreams a reality! We work with carvers from all over the world who are masters of their craft. They hand-carve gorgeous smokeable pieces of art one can take home and enjoy for years to come. When you buy a Danny Boy Pipe, you are not just getting a pipe, you are joining a community.


Bristol Renaissance Faire

Bristol Renaissance Faire Logo
Where is it? Kenosha, WI
When did it start? 1972
When does it run? July 10, 2021
For how long? 9 weeks

Florida Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Festival 2018
Where is it? Deerfield Beach, FL
When did it start? 1993
When does it usually run? February to March
For how long? 7 weeks

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Ohio Renaissance Festival Logo
Where is it? Waynesville, OH
When did it start? 1990
When does it run? September 4, 2021
For how long? 9 weeks

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Where is it? Irwindale, CA
When did it start? 1962
When does it usually run? April to May
For how long? 3 weeks