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At Elven Caravan you can find a variety of costumes and accessories made to help fellow wanderers express their whimsical nature. We believe everyone is a magical creature and our products enable folks to express that inward nature into an outward reality! We also carry a variety of home decor items. Each is handmade and serves to be a whimsical accessory to most mundane days.


Bristol Renaissance Faire

Bristol Renaissance Faire Logo
Where is it? Kenosha, WI
When did it start? 1972
When does it run? July 10, 2021
For how long? 9 weeks

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire Logo
Where is it? Gainesville, FL
When did it start? 1987
When does it run? January 15, 2022
For how long? 3 weeks