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Pirate’s Delight

Categories: Artisans, Clothing, Costumes and Clothwork

Pirates Delight Features a variety of Hearts Delight hand crafted clothing as well as pirate clothing, accessories and treasures from all across the seven seas. Hearts Delight Clothing is all handmade in Ventura, Ca using American made fabrics and materials. We also hand dye our garments into a vast variety of colors. Come visit us to turn your pirate fantasies into a reality.


King Richard’s Faire

King Richard's Faire Logo
Where is it? Carver, MA
When did it start? 1982
When does it run? September 4, 2021
For how long? 8 weeks

Texas Renaissance Festival

Where is it? Todd Mission, TX
When did it start? 1974
When does it run? October 9, 2021
For how long? 9 weeks