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Runfeldt Sculpture and Design

You may also have heard of us as Todd the Carver

Categories: Artisans, Clothing, Jewelry, House and Home, Sculpture and Pottery

I create truly Original Sculptures in a wide variety of mediums, from carved Amber, Antler and Fossil Ivory Jewelry to Limestone and Marble Sculptures for your garden. I make Jewelry and Hair Ornaments in Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze, using the style of chasing and Repoussé. I also create indoor/outdoor wall sculptures through sand-casting. Every piece that I create is an original sculpture. I create all works myself, and my partner assists in finishing, painting, and marketing.


Texas Renaissance Festival

Where is it? Todd Mission, TX
When did it start? 1974
When does it run? October 9, 2021
For how long? 9 weeks