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Escondido Renaissance Faire


Welcome to the annual visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Gloriana, to the Shire of Escondido. She has come to pay us a visit, and invites you to come join with her! To pay homage to Her Majesty, the faire is filled with vendors of strange and fascinating wares, lively entertainers, and the encampments of the many Guilds who are visiting our beautiful village.

Fast Facts

Where is it? 742 Clarence Lane, Escondido, CA

When did it start? 2000

When does it usually run? April to May for 2 weeks

Artisans & Entertainers (0)

We don't know of any artisans or entertainers at this festival yet. If you perform or sell here, or work for the festival and can provide us more info, please contact us. We greatly apprecaite it!