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Great Northern Viking Festival


Get ready to immerse yourself into 981! Dress up in your most badass Viking gear and let the revelry begin! Our festival is the ultimate throwback, featuring music, mead, and merrymaking. Great Northern Viking Festival is jam-packed with activities to make you feel like a true Viking, from axe throwing to games and competitions. You'll witness jaw-dropping combat demonstrations and be schooled in life skills that the Viking forefathers practiced.

Fast Facts

Where is it? , Mankato, MN

When did it start? 2024

When does it run? October 19, 2024 to October 20, 2024

Artisans & Entertainers (0)

We don't know of any artisans or entertainers at this festival yet. If you perform or sell here, or work for the festival and can provide us more info, please contact us. We greatly apprecaite it!