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Northern California Renaissance Faire


Our little village of Willingtown comes to life as our annual Market Faire welcomes talented and exotic performers from throughout the globe to our streets and stages. Nine stages boast non-stop entertainment.The streets and stages are filled with music and dance from traditional Morris and English Country, to Celtic and Gypsy Tribal. Happy peasants, crooked Constables, gossiping washerwomen, and merry maidens fill the streets with revelry as the festivities begin.

Fast Facts

Where is it? Pacheco Pass, HWY 152, Hollister, CA

When did it start? 2004

When does it usually run? September to October for 6 weeks

Artisans & Entertainers (8)

Barley Bane

Categories: Entertainers, Music

Renaissance Faire band extraordinaire: ready, willing and able to melt your period appropriate face with songs of drink, dick & the famed nethers.


Categories: Entertainers, Comedy

While cracking bullwhips, juggling bowling balls or eating fire, Broon keeps the laughs alive with a dry wit and extemporaneous style that keeps audiences in stitches. With his variety skills and stand-up comedy style Broon presents a show filled end...

Naughty Minstrels

Categories: Entertainers, Music

The Naughty Minstrels are a Renaissance-period musical ensemble providing songs, improvisation and interaction at historically-themed market faires. Appearing as wandering minstrels or as historical Poets and Playwrights, we play dozens of period and original songs and bring music to every...

The Sea Dogs

Categories: Entertainers, Music

The Seadogs are a group of performers (currently 16 in number) who perform Nautical music and songs, with a healthy injection of comedy and sailor-y theatrics. Several instrumentalists, along with an entire group of talented singers who perform a wide...