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The Renaissance Stream Guide: Live Ren Fest at it’s (Virtual) Best

Are you missing your favorite Renaissance Festival performers? Or planning your Ren Fest at Home? Or looking for some truly unique entertainment to watch? Maybe you’re looking for a new regular live stream? If you fit any of those, or you’re just simply curious, then check out the Renaissance Stream Guide:


What is the Renaissance Stream Guide?

Gwendolyn from The Gwendolyn Show has been gathering streams from many Renaissance Festival participants and has created a Google Calendar putting them all together. The result? Comedy, music, performance, happy hours, even yoga classes – all in one place to explore.

Each event on the calendar has descriptions with links to where the stream is. There are many individual streams, but there are also some that stream weekly or more regularly.

Today on the Renaissance Stream Guide

Want to see what’s streaming all week, or maybe next month? Head over to the Renaissance Stream Guide.

Supporting Festival Participants

The Gwendolyn Show

Many of the streams are performances by festival entertainers bringing you shows you’d otherwise see at the festivals themselves. However, Gwendolyn’s unofficial motto is “More Eyes on More Streams”. Events on the Renaissance Stream Guide are those of festival participants, not just performers. They do not have to be dressed in costume, they might be artisans, and they don’t even have to be doing festival/renaissance content. The stream just has to be live or a video premiere with live comments.

In this way, similar to the Digital Ren Faire, the Renaissance Stream Guide is trying to support the community that has been so impacted this year. We’ve been using the guide to discover some new entertainment, and we’ve included this in our section for having your own Ren Fest At Home. As we finalize our own two-day #renfestathome, you can be sure we’re going to include some live shows found on the Renaissance Stream Guide!

If you do watch some streams, please support the streamers – many of them have Patreon, PayPal, or Venmo accounts as a “virtual tip jar”. If you can, drop something in there.