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Opal & Jade: Off-Colored Treasures

Categories: Entertainers, Comedy

Opal and Jade are saucy singing sisters, professional wenches, and aspiring musicians, comedians, and general entertainers. These bawdy bar maids will keep you in stitches with their keen wit, and dazzle your ears with their delightful melodies. These sisters are...

Pirate Skool

Categories: Entertainers, Comedy

Join Cap'n Tetanus, First Mate Kitty, and their crew made of kids on the comedic adventure that is Pirate Skool! This family-friendly show will get you stomping, chanting, and cheering for your side when the crew plays games.

Shamus the Insulter

Categories: Entertainers, Comedy

Shamus The Insulter roams the village lanes offering services of both impressive insults and gracious compliments. Prank your friends and family with Shamus' fabulously pointed barbs that will leave you and your guests laughing long after he has disappeared!


Categories: Entertainers, Comedy

My name is actually Markus Skidders, but my friends call me "Skidmark" cuz I don't have very good friends. Homeless, Jobless, Feckless. I do not however beg for a living, I DEMAND! I am divinely inspired and highly talented in...

Steve Wannall, Entertainer

Categories: Entertainers, Comedy

Steve Wannall is a Baltimore based jack of all trades in the world of entertainment. Acting, improvisation, music, magic, voice over, podcasting, teaching...you name it, he's done it, or is willing to try!