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St George Mummers

Categories: Entertainers, Exhibition

The English Mummers plays are loosely based on the Legend of St. George and the Dragon, reflecting the classic battle between Eastern and Western civilization, Christianity vs. paganism, good vs.evil. In Medieval times, Mummery became an excuse for people to...

The Jousters

Categories: Entertainers, Exhibition

Aventail Productions brings alive the spectacle and pageantry of the chivalric age. Knights in shining armor perform in a 3-part display of daring deeds of bravery and skill including a realistic recreation of a joust to the death.

The Living Fountain

Categories: Entertainers, Exhibition

The Living Fountains are a unique entertainment experience, where nature comes to life with an extraordinary combination of movement, music and live interaction. A statue of a beautiful woman transforms herself with magical elegance into a living fountain. Delicate jets...

The Painted Lady

Categories: Entertainers, Exhibition

The Painted Lady is a professional entertainer who enchants audiences with fantastic stories while they paint on her dress on stage and in the street! Also tells original horrific faerie tales in the European traditional style.