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Honorable Company of Metalsmiths

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We are Honorable Company of Metalsmiths, and have created the largest selection of Handmade Puzzle Rings in the world in Gold, Platinum and Sterling Silver with your choice of precious stones. We also make a large selection of Historical Scientific Instruments including the Astrolabe which we make the only functionally accurate metal Astrolabe left in the world. Our Astrolabe production was featured on the Discovery Channel show How Its Made. Please stop in our shop and learn about the navigational instruments used during the Renaissance Period and also see a demonstration of how they work as well as a demonstration of the puzzle rings. We look forward to teaching you their secret.


Sherwood Forest Faire

Sherwood Forest Faire Logo
Where is it? McDade, TX
When did it start? 2010
When does it run? March 5, 2022
For how long? 8 weeks

Texas Renaissance Festival

Where is it? Todd Mission, TX
When did it start? 1974
When does it run? October 8, 2022
For how long? 9 weeks