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Great Plains Renaissance Festival


Hail and well met! Join us for the Annual Spring Great Plains Renaissance Festival. There'll be jousts and jests, knights and knaves, bagpipes and blacksmiths, fire breathers, pirates, fairies, and more! Come one, come all to the Great Plains Renaissance Festival! HUZZAH!

Fast Facts

Where is it? 6501 W. 21st St. North, Wichita, KS

When did it start? 2004

When does it usually run? April for 1 weeks

Artisans & Entertainers (14)

Herr Karl and Company

Categories: Entertainers, Exhibition

Learn about Knights and Knighthood, the steps to Knighthood, the parts of Knight's armor and the Knight's Code of Chivalry through an interactive program or presentation. Audience members or faire or festival patrons can try on authentic armor with us...


Categories: Entertainers, Exhibition

Professional jousting team founded in 2006 by Kevin Coble. Located in the Midwest, JoustEvolution provides the perfect combination of theatrical and full-contact jousting.

The Sunflower Sirens

Categories: Entertainers, Music

Formerly "Siren Songs by AndiLee" this singing mermaid act is growing! We are the original mermaids of the Great Plains Renaissance Festival in Wichita Kansas, and the only singing mermaid group in Wichita!