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Koroneburg Renaissance Festival


The Koroneburg Renaissance Festival is one of the only permanently built Renaissance Faires in Southern California, and is the most interactive Renaissance experience around! We offer great audience-participation content, giving you plenty to do and opportunities to learn about ye ol' German 1450-1600 A.D. history! This year (2021), the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival is on online event from 6/16 - 7/17: every Wed from 6-10 pm PST, and Sat from 1-5pm PST.

Fast Facts

Where is it? 14600 Baron Drive, Corona, CA

When did it start? 1998

When does it run? May 28, 2022 to June 26, 2022

Artisans & Entertainers (17)

A Fool and His Family

Categories: Entertainers, Comedy

Welcome to A Fool and His Family. This is our 24th year together, and we have perfected our improvisational comedy, which includes fractured fairytales, spoonerisms, and interactive theater.

American Cirque

Categories: Entertainers, Skilled performance

American Cirque Entertainment ("ACE") creates visually immersive experiences to tell your story. From corporate events to intimate private parties, whether onstage or interacting amongst your guests, ACE artists engage and inspire audiences through ground acrobatics, aerial silks, stilt walking, juggling,...

Whiskey Bards

Categories: Entertainers, Music

The Whiskey Bards are a group of four friends who have joined together to pursue the bardic arts of times past. Their performances include their own arrangements of traditional folk songs, sea shanties, and ballads as well as their own...