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Tennessee Renaissance Festival


Travel back to 16th Century England. Our Village of Covington Glen comes alive with the bustle of a Renaissance Marketplace. Over 60 skilled Artisans from all over the country display their wares from silks to swords; from gems to jewels. Flavors, aromas and tastes of specialty foods and drinks greet the festival-goer. Hear the sounds of Renaissance musicians and merrymakers as they echo through the trees. Color, movement, and peals of laughter welcome those who thrill to the challenges of Games of Skill and Man-Powered Rides. Come join us at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival!

Fast Facts

Where is it? 2124 New Castle Road, Arrington, TN

When did it start? 1985

When does it run? May 7, 2022 to May 30, 2022

Artisans & Entertainers (9)

Axel the Sot

Categories: Entertainers, Comedy

Dedicated to ALL THINGS ALCOHOL! Axel the Sot is the alter-ego of Scott Hendricks, performing at Renaissance Festivals for over 25 years! Armed with a salty smile, quick wit, charisma and charm (PLUS 15 CD's & a DVD), Axel is...

Ik the Troll

Categories: Entertainers, Exhibition

Welcome, weary traveler of the internet, to the e-hall of the King of the Trolls. Here you will find all things pointless and whimsical perchance to merely make you smile or to change your entire viewpoint on life, the universe...

The Roses

Categories: Entertainers, Music

The Roses are an early and traditional music band specializing in the instrumental music of the 16th century and earlier. Based in Nashville, Tennessee.