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GHSN Episode 9: Potion vials. Get seven.

Gwendolyn from the Gwendolyn Show doubles down on the pottery with: Tessem Stoneware and Prancing Pony Pottery

Are you a Renaissance Festival artisan and want to be featured in a future episode? Gwendolyn would love to show off your goods on her Home Shopping Network. Contact her on Facebook! Make sure and check out the featured artisan below.


Featured Artisan

Tessem Stoneware

Categories: ArtisansSculpture and Pottery

While the bulk of Mr. Tessem’s pottery is functional stoneware, ranging from teapots and casseroles, to full sets of dinnerware and drinking vessels, he is also an accomplished raku potter, produces porcelain and wood-fired pots, and more recently, crystalline pottery.


Prancing Pony Pottery

Categories: ArtisansSculpture and Pottery

Prancing Pony Pottery focuses on creating wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware that can be enjoyed every day. Each piece of pottery is individually crafted, fired, and then glazed by potter Anna Marie Torre Wright in her Richardsville, Virginia, studio. Since each piece of Prancing Pony Pottery is hand-made by the artisan, your item will be a one-of-a-kind piece of pottery that you can use and enjoy every day!