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Texas Renaissance Festival


Welcome to the Kingdom of The Texas Renaissance Festival, where an encounter with an enchanted fairy, pirate or mythical creature is expected as you interact with our cast of characters, take in a show at one of our 19 stages, choose your team during the joust, dine on a flavorful food that you fancy, test your gaming skills, brave a ride or shop to your heart's desire.

Fast Facts

Where is it? 21778 FM 1774, Todd Mission, TX

When did it start? 1974

When does it run? October 8, 2022 to November 27, 2022

Artisans & Entertainers (219)

Dragons and Unicorns

Categories: Artisans, Food and Beverage

For Centuries Coffee has been a nectar of the gods. It has empowered the conquering of empires, Nourished the strength of titans, brought peace, and started wars. It might as well be currency. Why then do you continue to do...


Categories: Artisans, Clothing, Costumes and Clothwork

Your visit to the Village of New Market begins and ends with a peek inside The DragonSlayer, home of the shire's Official Merchandise. And lest you think this is your everyday peasant's souvenir shop, we invite you to browse our...

Drones n Drums

Categories: Entertainers, Music

In 2011, the bagpipe show was launched and flopped! The same year at a Celtic fest, founder Jason Gunn needed something new and fresh for the stage. So, with the help of his first drummer, he launched Drones-N-Drums. A Scottish...

Dublin Harpers

Categories: Entertainers, Music

This outstanding family showcases the traditional roots of the Harp in Irish and Scottish culture, while concurrently delving into a kaleidoscopic musical journey of folk, contemporary, alternative, classical, and bluegrass genres. The Band, comprised of members of the Dunham Family,...

Faire to Middlin

Categories: Entertainers, Music

Two lively, world-traveled minstrels who accompany themselves with classical guitar, Irish whistle, and mandolin. They bring you a mix of the traditional and original with rollicking toe-tappers, lyrical ballads, and mournful laments. Join in the fun with this delightful, creative,...

Fellowship Foundry Pewter

Categories: Artisans, Specialty, Metalwork

Since our beginning in 1978, the combined talents of Master Pewtersmith Randal Moore and our artist Kevin O'Hare have continued to create wonderful designs. They wrangle first over the idea, then sketches, then the wax sculpture until they are both...

Fool Hearty

Categories: Entertainers, Exhibition

Good day, friends! Marquise & Ima Nutte of Fool Hearty here. We're a couple of professional Fools! With our well-developed characters, uniquely beautiful costuming, and cheerful friendliness ~ we are the perfect choice for your family! We are joy-bringers, bell-ringers,...

Full Armored Combat

Categories: Entertainers, Exhibition

Full Armored Combat is a violent display of medieval mixed martial arts and the chaos of an actual battle between fully armored knights. This is real combat and not choreographed. Our knights fight in hardened steel armor with real weapons...

Glass Mountain Studios

Categories: Artisans, House and Home, Glassware

Original stained glass by Thomas OwensGlass Mountain Studio has served the King for 40 years. Artists Jennifer and Thomas create beautiful and original stained glass art. This includes unique designed free hanging panels , glass art boxes , and glass...