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Texas Renaissance Festival


Welcome to the Kingdom of The Texas Renaissance Festival, where an encounter with an enchanted fairy, pirate or mythical creature is expected as you interact with our cast of characters, take in a show at one of our 19 stages, choose your team during the joust, dine on a flavorful food that you fancy, test your gaming skills, brave a ride or shop to your heart's desire.

Fast Facts

Where is it? 21778 FM 1774, Todd Mission, TX

When did it start? 1974

When does it run? October 9, 2021 to November 28, 2021

Artisans & Entertainers (218)

Texas Brass Ensemble

Categories: Entertainers, Music

Texas Brass Ensemble has been performing at the Texas Renaissance Festival for more than three decades. The members of this musical group include symphony musicians, educators, Big Band musicians, Dixieland musicians, and composers, often all in one person. They bring...

The Bard O’Neill

Categories: Entertainers, Music

Diane is a hybrid: a musician who acts and an actor who sings and produces music. She has recorded four CDs: Rogue By Any Other Name, Janus, Bard of the Mountains, and Conversations With the Moon. C.M.O.T. Dibbler from the...

The Broom Closet

Categories: Artisans, House and Home

The Broom Closet is a metaphysical and mythological cooperative carrying goods from artisans and craftspeople from all over the world. We specialize in British and Celtic goods however we have a wonderful collection of Norse/Viking, Wiccan, and Eastern and Western...

The Faery Lair

Categories: Artisans, Toys, Games, and Puzzles

The Faery Lair offers whimsical wings, magical wands, unique masks, majestic headpieces and more! Wing designs include a variety of fairy wings and leather dragon wings, in a wide range of sizes! Our masks and headpieces will transform you into...

The Living Fountain

Categories: Entertainers, Exhibition

The Living Fountains are a unique entertainment experience, where nature comes to life with an extraordinary combination of movement, music and live interaction. A statue of a beautiful woman transforms herself with magical elegance into a living fountain. Delicate jets...

The New Tribesmen

Categories: Entertainers, Comedy

What do you call two exiled Nordic drunkards, meandering through foreign lands, singing the legendary tales of drinking, debauchery, and blatant stupidity of their long lost Viking brethren? The New Tribesmen. That's what. They've landed haphazardly in New Market Village...

The Nightingale

Categories: Entertainers, Music

The Nightingale, being known for having the sweetest song, sings the stories of the ages. Bright and delightful but strong from her journies, she sings for you, but also presents conversation in song or ryhme. The Nightingale is also a...

The Puffin

Categories: Artisans, House and Home

Offering a multitude of hot and cold tasty beverages, high quality sheesha hookahs, and a friendly comfortable atmosphere to enjoy your day at the Faire!!!