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RenFest.org launch, supporting the Renaissance Festival community

We are pleased to announce the RenFest.org launch! Our mission is to promote the work of artisans and entertainers of Renaissance Festivals.

Because of the pandemic, their livelihoods have been impacted and they are not able to directly reach their customers. Our goal is to drive more traffic to their sites, online stores, and social; promote the idea of a #renfestathome to encourage patronage while faires are closed; and support other initiatives such as Digital Ren Fest and RESCU Foundation that benefit this community.

A Directory Of Amazing Artisan & Entertainers

At launch, we have over 300 artisans and entertainers in our directory. We started with vendors and performers from the Carolina Renaissance Festival and the Texas Renaissance Festival. Our pages for the festivals link to their respective official websites, and include everyone in our directory associated with those festivals.

We will continue to add to our festival list and directory, and we’ll announce whenever post a new festival and their attendees. There are many artisans and entertainers we’re unable to find websites or social, but we add anyone we can. If you’re a vendor or performer, and you’re not in our directory, please contact us! We’ll be happy to add you.

Ren Fest at Home – #renfestathome

Our Ren Fest at Home section is geared towards everyone who would usually be a patron of the festivals. With the RenFest.org launch, we want to encourage as many people as possible to take some time (maybe a whole day or two) and have their own faire in place of when they would usually attend their local festival. The more we can reach the usual fairgoers, the more we hope to increase traffic and patronage to the festival community.

We plan to add a number of posts on different topics to inspire and encourage Medieval fun at home! No matter your social network of choice, we’re suggesting the use of #renfestathome as a hashtag to circulate the idea.

Digital Ren Faire

We may be building a searchable database of artisans and entertainers, but the Digital Ren Faire is organizing and promoting live streaming performances of many festival acts. They’re a great resource if you’re looking for some regular Renaissance entertainment. Please make sure you use the “digital tip jar” (e.g., paypal, venmo, etc.) to support any acts you enjoy!

Thank you from RenFest.org

We’re big Renaissance Festival fans, and one of us is a past festival performer. We enjoyed putting this website together and look forward to adding to it. As part of the RenFest.org launch, we greatly appreciate you being here – whether you’re a creator of Medieval magic or a lover of the Renaissance realm.

JonK & Cheryl