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Renaissance Festival at Home Agenda: An Example Weekend

Ren Fest At Home Agenda

We put together a two day Renaissance Festival at Home agenda with a couple of Friday night activities to set the mood. Times are approximate, but we think it’s a solid set of activities to resemble an actual adventure out to the festival. If you’re going to do your own Ren Fest at Home, this guide could be a good starting point.

Tasty and Authentic Recipes For Your Renaissance Festival At Home

Food court at Norcal Ren Faire

If you’re going to have a #renfestathome, food may be the first thing that comes to mind. In this post are three menus with links to recipes that we’re thinking of to make your Renaissance Festival At Home a tasty and authentic culinary experience!

Ren Fest At Home Guide

Have a renaissance festival at home! #renfestathome

What do you need to plan your own At-Home Renaissance Festival? It can be as elaborate or as simple as you desire and that will fit into your budget. We hope that this guide and the directory will serve as a resource for planning and executing your perfect At-Home Renaissance Festival.