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Cakes & Ale

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This page is for those who like Renaissance cooking, Renaissance drinking, and Renaissance festivals. Or who just want to know more about beaver tail, poisonous things like tomatoes, or the mushrooms "over there."


Categories: Entertainers, Music

Following in their tradition, the members of Cantiga are dedicated to the inclusive spirit of musical improvisation which has flourished among musicians in cultural crossroads throughout history and continues to be celebrated in today's diverse Global Village.

Celtic Legacy, a.k.a. Kiltic

Categories: Entertainers, Music

....and on the 8th day, after a night of much-needed rest, an episode with a pimp and a cramped thigh, and a late lunch consisting of questionable tuna on rye and several antacid tablets, God created... CELTIC LEGACY.


Categories: Entertainers, Music

An cornucopia of traditional music from the British Isles, original songs from "around the world" and whatever 70's tunes Gary wants to play.

Cheeks & Phoenix

Categories: Entertainers, Music

One Man, One Guitar, or..whatever other instrument he has handy. Add to that one Feisty Firebird, holding down the rhythm. Together they bring a new twist to Songs from the Sea, The Celtic Tradition and beyond.