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Judas and Magnolia

Categories: Entertainers, Skilled performance

A husband and wife team of award winning escape artists and illusionists. Their family friend stunts can be seen on stages across the United States, Europe, and North Africa.


Brevard Renaissance Fair

Brevard Renaissance Fair Logo
Where is it? Melbourne, FL
When did it start? 2014
When does it run? January 7, 2023
For how long? 4 weeks

Ohio Renaissance Festival

Ohio Renaissance Festival Logo
Where is it? Waynesville, OH
When did it start? 1990
When does it run? September 3, 2022
For how long? 9 weeks

Sherwood Forest Faire

Sherwood Forest Faire Logo
Where is it? McDade, TX
When did it start? 2010
When does it run? March 5, 2022
For how long? 8 weeks

Utah Renaissance Faire

Utah Renaissance Faire Logo
Where is it? Lehi, UT
When did it start? 2006
When does it run? August 26, 2022
For how long? 1 week